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Exploring important questions in writing is deeply rewarding, but there’s nothing like meeting people face-to-face and having conversations about God’s Word together. Besides speaking in dozens of churches on Sundays, I’ve done several seminars and retreats for men and fathers, parents, and families. Below are two of my favorites to present these days.

Retreat/Seminar Options:

Title: “The Power of Parental Influence Including Dangers of Growing Up in a Christian Home and How to Avoid Them.”

 Description: Most parents and grandparents want to give their children their best and are sobered by the fact that the home is the primary conduit for passing on the Christian faith. Both moms and dads are essential in that they partner with God in turning the hearts of the children toward His ancient paths. Fathers especially have a unique and irreplaceable role, particularly when it comes to introducing their children to the possibility of friendship with God. This workshop(s) will give Christian parents and all those who care about spiritually healthy kids a clearer focus. It will strengthen your convictions and ignite your courage as you learn about father absence, parental spiritual influence, the dangers of growing up in a Christian home, and ways to avoid those dangers. Finally, because the culture that is toxic for biological families is also toxic for church families, this material will have a wide application beyond parents to all those who care about God’s church.

The option above is from my doctoral thesis and has been fine-tuned over the last fifteen years. It’s designed for a 4-5 session Saturday seminar but can be adapted into an abbreviated half-day workshop as well.

Title/Themes: Passing Faith on to the Next Generation or Living Closer to the Heart of God

Description: 400 years before Jesus was born to Mary, the prophet Malachi spoke of a central expression of love that would characterize the ministry of John the Baptist and— in a greater way—Jesus: battling for the heart and rescuing the beauty of relationships (Mal 4:6).

Beginning from the relational foundation above, we will then discuss the roles of parents and families.  Practical strategies will be shared as well as how biblical admonitions originally given to a largely agrarian society (e.g. Deut. 6 and Prov. 31) apply in our post-industrial, information age.

We will then consider various “Christian” responses to culture, looking at 4 C’s of cultural engagement from 1 Peter 3. We will conclude by considering insights from Acts 16 on how to share God’s welcoming heart with friends, family, and our community, as well as how to best motivate and mentor the next generation.


  • 2-3 session, half-day workshop/seminar (Saturday morning): $749 plus travel[1]
  • 4-5 session, full-day workshop/seminar (Saturday only): $1099 plus travel
  • 4 session Saturday weekend retreat and Sunday message: $1499 plus travel
  • Keynotes or other customized options—email request to gregausten@comcast.net

Recent video and sermon:

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Excellent presentation. What a blessing to learn from you… Thanks for your ministry to us!- Rev. John Muhlfeld, Covenant Presbyterian in Harleysville, PA

Greg did a masterful job of putting together four sessions for our retreat… [He was] a pleasure to work with… -David Wheeler, Retreat Coordinator & Clerk of Session, Grace Reformed Church in Relay, MD


All requests related to the below should be directed to Dr. Greg Austen at gregausten@comcast.net The only exceptions are keynotes and weekday bookings associated with Care Net and pro-life themes. These should be directed to gausten@care-net.org. Further, all associated fees for Care Net events will be negotiated through, are payable to, and will go fully to Care Net.


[1] Travel includes full reimbursement of all expenses related to transportation, lodging, and meals to, from, and during the event.