My name is Greg Austen and I’m a former carpenter, and a seasoned pastor ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchI also now work for an organization called Care Net and do other seminars and retreats that you can learn about here.

In a sea of outrage, alternative facts, and erosion of belief, this blog seeks to build and strengthen the faith of those called to be “in the world but not of it.”  In fact, everything here is written for you and those you love—indeed, all those that are born to thrive in and and influence this cultural moment.

(photo by Mike Schuelke)

The other five core articles under this menu heading, carpenter, theologian, constructive thoughts, faith, and life, are meant to introduce you to the perspective and direction of this blog.

“Carpenter” and “Theologian” tell you something about the author.

“Faith” and “Life” give you the broad headings related to the content of articles.

“Constructive thoughts” gives you the spirit or manner in which topics are addressed.

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